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Mullaghmore boat fishing trip 16th july 2011

All i can say is what a days fishing we had on saturday out off mullaghmore harbour..
Been out on a few boats both private and charter and saturdays fishing trip ranked one of my best days and most informative days ever fishing the Irish seas.
We left about nine thirty and by ten we were jigging for mackrel. within half an hour we had enough bait for the day and enough breakfasts for the next 3 months. nice size macks and one or two pollock. we steamed ahead just of inishmurray island baited up lines and by god we didnt stop the whole day long.
A variety of fish were caught with the nicest being a red rock cod about 5 pounds and the heaviest a 8.5lb Pollock caught on an 80 gram rod with a light spinning reel. rigged with starting with the hook attach the line and put a 1oz weight just above the hook "i used swivels in between". a black Rag worm jelly with a red head for visual and a strip of mackreal for smell cutting only two strips off each mackreal. one off the back and the other off the belly the length of the fish. and let that roll around the bottom. very effective out there and dying to try out in other venues.

There was three full boxes of fish between eight fishermen with most been thrown back in the water. The arms the next day do be a little sore.
Stopped fishing for 4.30 after picking up 6 lads who were stuck on the island and couldn't get home. coast guard was in Donegal looking for that poor lad so our skipper Peter risked damaging his boat to get the lads out of danger. Our trip was cut a little short but the skipper knew that the weather was worsening and every minute passed meant the lads could be stuck another night without his aid.

As i said i have been out on quite a few boats and the skipper of this one was very different to the rest. He was very informative not like the rest and knew all the spots to fish. I highly recommend going on one off his trips but again its not really for the faint hearted if the weather is bad. He rarely cancels any off his sailings... the boat is top notch with toilets approx 40 different rods and reels tackle and bait.
We arrived at the beach hotel right on the harbour front.. we were told 45 for the nite pp when we arrived and when they realised we were going fishing with Peter and Jacke they reduced the rate to 35pp. I did suggested he do a deal with the hotel on saturday and today on donedeal a new ad came up for the Prospector1......75 euros for a whole fishing package,packed lunch ,B and b in a hotel with the option of the chef preparing what you catch that day for your evening meal. That is savage value. The skippers name is Peter Power and is on the fishing Ireland website with an in date licence. his number is 087 2576268.
I have nothing to do with this boat nor have i an interest. This is a trip not to be missed for all fishermen both novice and seasoned pros. Ive already booked a day in August to go Shark fishing but be warned its catch tag and realese for the Blueys.

Tight lines peoples.

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